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Verinag Spring in Kashmir

  Verinag  is another spring of admirable importunity and beauty with deep blue water which also conclusion from the bottom of high scarp of a mountain spur and here again Jehangir built-up a pleasure garden and a summer house. An octagonal pavement has been raised around the thrive by the Emperor Jehangir. The Emperor was affatuate with the beauty of Verignag to the extent that while breathing his last at Chengas village near Rajouri he wished to be buried at Verinag. And after the completion of the construction design of the dart and the nearby garden he has literal that the traveler who has travelled through the earth can hardly give any example of another place of such a beauty. This excursionist resort is in Tehsil Shahabad Bala and is circularly 26 Kms away from Anantnag Town. A excursionist bungalow, a rest house and some huts have been constructed at this place.

Verinag Spring

Verinag is situated in the South Kashmir about 74 Kms from Srinagar. The route is close to several famous tourist attractions in Kashmir. There are shady trees, cool water and babbling brooks in Verinag that will capture the whim of anyone. Emperor Jehangir has played a very anxious role in beautifying this land. The jump in Verinag is the source of the Kashmiri River Jhelum. the Verinag Spring is characterized by waters which are calm and dazzlingly clear. Besides a glimpse of the Verinag Spring, a excursion to Verinag is made even more special by the sight of several varieties of colorful flowers, gently swaying to the rhythm of the repulsive, mountain melody. So if you have not visited Verinag, then please do. It is an amazing tourist destination that will act as a mitigator for your mind, amount and fire. Kashmir is a Heaven on earth and an extremely popular tourist destination. There are several tourist attractions in Kashmir that have been a source of solace for lede across the world. The natural looker of Kashmir is just unparalleled by any other place in the world. This natural beauty is because of the unique location of the state. Since it is a charge point between the plains of India to the big Himalayan roam, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has the prime of both. It has rolling meadows as well as snow clad peaks; primeval lakes as well as sentimental waterfalls.


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