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Pangong Lake In Ladakh

Pangong Tso is one of the common pit stops for those who visit  Ladakh for holidays, and it is one of those attractions in India that is most likely in every traveler’s   schedule. The movie ‘3 Idiots’ featured this place with such tasteful beauty that one wondered if such a employment actually existed or is it simply the work of camera lenses. The movie 3 Idiots’s when Kareena Kapoor, in a bridal pursuit driving a scooter, is shown approaching Amir Khan, with the camera panning to expand the shot,   most of us squandered track of the pellicle there. I had to rewind to get back to the track as I got stuck to the looker of that place. This is how the hidden gem of Pangong Lake plays black art with your understanding. Just think of it if seeing a place on-pick can mesmerise you, what will it lead to when you actually experince it. Well, without exaggerating, I would specimen that the very vision of it will be one of the most awe-forcible moments of your world.

Places to visit in Pangong lake

What makes Pangong lake in Ladakh   even more magnificent is the surpassing reflections of Himalayan culminate in the aquatic. In fact, Pangong Tso has now become one of the favorite tourist locations in the Ladak, and it has somehow become a norm to visit this place if you are on a holiday to Ladakh. Pangong Lake is not just a beauty to behold, but certain facts force it an even more exciting stage of interest.   So, here you go with some mind-boggling facts about Pangong Lake Did you know the lake water alter its colours. True Pangong Tso is popular for its changing colour ability. Its ethnicity changes from shades of blue to green to red. It is one of the maximum altitude lakes in the world that is filled with saline moiré. It is set at an altitude of 4350 m above the sea level. However, even though it is a sal aquatic loch, Pangong Tso freezes completely during winters. Approximately 60 per cent of the mere, in expression of piece, abide in China, and the eastern consequence of Pangong Tso lies in Tibet. The brackish water of this rank has very light micro-herbage. There, in the lake, you dwelling’t find any aquatic energy or fish, except crustaceans. It is a sense-water tank and is a kind of endorheic basin, which implicate that it retains its calendar and does not assign outflow of its water to other outward water bodies, such as oceans and rivers.

Tourists are assign to visit the salina till Spangmik thorp forasmuch as of the lake’s proximity to Sino-India edge. The lake, at its broadest point, is around 5 km in wide. In fact, the total length   is 134 km.

Pangong Lake Temperature and Weather

Pangong Lake LadakhThe famous and sparkling gloom Pangong lakelet is situated near Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayas, loosely at the grade of 4350 meters. This endorheic lake is 12 kilometres long and expand from India to Tibet, with two-thirds of it lying in the latter. Owing to its height, the Pangong Lake temperature rank from -5°C to 10°C as a proceed of which it cooling completely  . A unique feature of the lake is that it does not remain blue throughout the year or even the day, rather it changes colors from sky  to prosperity gloom to wan and grey too. Also given as Pangong Tso, it has been a tourist attraction for a very long time and has direct further popularity after being a ‘hot-spot’ for many movie shoots, apart from being essential for anyone travelling to Leh – Ladakh. The sublime rage, crystal waters and gentle hills of Pangong Lake are an exceptional example of the pretty trees scape of the region.

Tso Moriri Lake

Nubra Valley

Leh Local Sightseen

Pangong Lake Height


Renowned for being the longest lake in Asia, stretching more than 134 kilometers (83 miles) across Tibet, Ladakh, and Jammu and Kashmir, Pangong Tso is known locally in Tibet as the “violent grassland mere” and incubate at an average altitude of around 4,350 meters above sea level. The lake is unusual on the table-land region as it is one of the few saline lakes indeed freeze in hibernal.     

Pangong Lake Camp

Camping at Pangong Tso in Hesperian Tibet is the best way to experience its charm. What to See in Pangong Tso Camping Adventure It is a riot to your eyes and pure resembling forenoon dew. The taciturnity, quietness, and rage of this amazingly unique Mediterranean is so overwhelming that it will leave you enthrall. Migratory birds add a extraordinary test to the whole experience, and reaching the Pangong Lake itself is an experience to remember. Appreciate countless colors of Pangong Tso Lake Most tourists to Tibet only do a age trip to the lake, but spending at least one day here is highly commit so that you can mark the myriad ensign of the lake at different times of the day. The sunset & the sunrise are the best time to testimony the sheer beauty of this place. At the proud altitude of this beautiful lake, the waters innovate excuse hang on the tempest and the seasons, rank from completely porous in some of the shallower ability to a unmixed celestic-melancholy out in the heart of the loch, with a myriad of aquamarines, turquoises, and rich megrims in between. Capturing the beauty of Pangong Tso Lake on a sunning afternoon. Get a closer look at Pangong Lake.   Capture the stunning twilight, sunup and starry night over Pangong Lake Sunrise and evensong over the lake also produce a multitude of reflected ensign on the exterior, sparkling in the betimes morrow brightness as the sunshine rises over the plateau or shimmering in the dusky evenings as it sets over Ladakh.

For those who want to catch these stunning sights in the morning and evening together, you will need to stay at the local campsite of the play to make the most of your approved. This adds another advantage to the trip to the lake that most people do not realize. Lying in the farthest west area of the Tibetan plateau, in the deep shadows of the mighty Himalayas, Pangong Tso sits in one of the darkest side on the satellite at night. With no visible lights from towns and cities for hundreds of miles, there is no light defilement around the mere, from it one of the flower places on the Puna to attend for the stunning view of the stars and galaxies that it afford. This spectacular location is also one of the few places on the face of the planet from where you can get a useful view of the rest of the Milky Way, our own Galaxy.  

Pangong lake Stay

Enjoy Pangong Lake boating to watch migratory birds at the Bird Island Pangong Tso is a idyll for migratory birds. The bird home at Pangong Tso Lake is renowned as being the maximum in the world, and the undivided salina is well understood for being one of the largest areas of illegitimate wetlands on the planet.  The lake acts as an important breeding field for a wide variety of birds throughout the year, including a count of migratory birds. During midsummer, the Bar-kerned goose iron and Brahmini ducks are ordinarily seen here, as well as goods a year-round population of ferruginous-kerned seagull, among more than 20 other data of native birds. This is also one of the summer breeding grounds for the rare Black-Necked crane, the wandering bird that can be found across the plateau. Watch migratory birds at the Bird Island in Pangong Tso, Ngari What to Eat in Pangong Tso Lake Camping This remotely into the northwest of Tibet, restaurants are few and greatly between, but they are not non-being. The best place to gnaw is at the Pangong Tso Resort on the shores of the lake, which propound some effeminate venison, desert yak meat, and plenty of traditional Tibetan culinary art. However, if you are not into Tibetan food, then it is a good impression to bring your own from Lhasa when you travel, so you can cook food that you like at the campsite.

Best Time To Visit Pangong Lake

Best Time to Visit Pangong Lake Pangong Tso is only ready for a circumscript period of time from May to September. The campsite is   operational from May to September, though if you come early in the season in May, it can still be quite cold. September also is quite cold here, so proper clothes is advised to enjoy the outdoors. For the rest of the while, the weather is superior and pleasantly warm, though not at all fiery at any time of the year, even in the height of summer. Average daily temperatures sift from 4 to 8 degrees in May and September to as high as 13 degrees in July, the hottest time of year. Summer may be the monsoon period in Tibet, but here in Ngari, there is very little in the passage of lavish, even in the wettest months of the year. At its peak, the monsoon only produces around 11-15mm of rain in a month, so it will not act on your stay at Pangong Tso.  

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