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Offbeat Destinations in Kashmir – Lesser Known Places In Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, the Paradise of the Earth as said by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir; nobody can deny that this place is honored with illusive glad excellence. It is the Northernmost province of India, imparting outskirts to China, Tibet and. Kashmir has such huge numbers of well-known spots to attend and travelers  come here consistently, But there are some Offbeat Destinations in Kashmir which are visted and are gone to by off-track darlings. Situated in the lap of Himalayan Mountains, there are boundless locations in this state.  Kindly find the below some of the best Offbeat Destinations in Kashmir or we can say Lesser Known Palaces in Kashmir

Gurez Valley Kashmir

Around 123 km north of Srinagar is Gurez valley, home of ancient Dard Shina tribe. It is a breathtakingly fair valley close to the Line of Control having population of over 37,000, according to the latest census. The valley, however, remains cut off during the winters. And that is the major issue with the population of Gurez. The valley, across the Razdhan pass, was opened for tourism in 2006 when the government started annual Gurez festival. Since then the government is organizing the Gurez festival every year to promote tourism in the range. The government takes tour operators and hoteliers to Gurez and encourages them to explore the place. The range is estate archaeological sites, inclination Kunzalwan. For more details on Gurez Valley click here.

Lolab Valley – The Unending Green Cover

Another Offbeat destination in Kashmir is Lolab Valley. Lolab valley is situated at the northernmost part of the Indian Kashmir, in kupwara district. It’s adjacent to Neelum valley in Azad kashmir to it’s north at 34 degrees North and altitudes ranging from 4000 to 10000 ft.The valley is known for producing one of the zenith qualities young and herbs as of it’s exclusive wet-cold climate which will be further discussed.This valley has been subjected to many war like situations due to being becoming at the line of control between India and Pakistan. Lolab Valley is categorized among one of the off beat destinations in Kashmir and is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. Another Lesser Known Place In Kashmir Is Bangus Valley. For More Details of Lolab Valley Click Here.

Bangus Valley – Tilwan Kohl

Another offbeat destination in Kashmir is Bangus Valley. Located in the Kupwara area of Jammu & Kashmir at a variance of around 70 km from Srinagar, Bangus Valley is that part of Kashmir Valley which is flourishing over hundreds of kilometres. It is situated at an elevation of ten millennial feet and is inferior amongst locals as Badi Bangus. Also Read: Top Stunning Offbeat Destinations Of Kashmir Surrounded by mountains and sheltered with grasslands, this graceful valley had never been a tourist spot as it was the centre of conflicts between equipped forces. However, since last few years, it has become an offbeat destination for every traveler. It captured the frame due to its unpolluted aim and pristine environment. Owing its claptrap to offbeat travelers, it has become a infallible-shot weekend destination for everyone who is looking ready to escaping the crowd of tourists in Jammu & Kashmir. Splendor Of Bangus Valley The adult things Bangus Valley is immensely popular for amongst travelerslooking for  green meadows and beautiful hills. The  air of rich herbage in the form of coniferous timber note on to the existing gem of the valley. During the summer season, Bangus Valley looks like a renovated see blossoming into a perfect flower. Another lesser known place in kashmir is Chatpal. For more details on Bangus Valley Click here


Chatpal Kashmir

Chatpal — an offbeat destination in Kashmir has largely remained untouched by touristic activities. The theatrical view comprising large forests is probably more than what a tourist can ever ask for. When the clouds incompletely engulf the pine woodland with the majestic sun-kissed Himalayas at the backdrop and the light blue river flowing at the base, it is a show that would awaken the poet in the beholder. If you make up your mind to visit this Kashmir then Chatpal should be in your list. The tourist accommodation in Chatpal stands next to a stream of rivulet with waters so clean and sweet. A typical autumnal day in Chatpal could be cold and drizzly. To keep yourself warm, the locals rely on close blankets and kangri, a traditionally scorched clay flat-mouthed vessel having live coals in it, and kept in a ligneous basket. The local men dress ardently in a firan, a traditionally woolen cover, which snugly hides a basket of kangri.  Sinthen top is one another lesser known place in kashmir, For more details on chatpal click here.

Sinthan Top A High Mountain Pass

Yet another offbeat destination in Kashmir is Sinthen top, Sinthen top is a mountain pass ,located at 12,450 feet above sea level. It is 72 kms from Anantnag in Kashmir Valley and 83 kms from Kishtwar in Jammu region. It is a inferior picnic spot and good place to camp in a tent. It was very cold, loved every minute that we spent there. It is tall up, lonely but very safe.    Road is closed from approximately middle November to May. Sinthen Top  a popular tourist destination located between South Kashmir’s Breng Valley (Sub-District Kokernag) in Anantnag district. Like other areas of the valley, Sinthan Top is known for its beauty and wonderful tourist attractions. The place is fast growing as one of the top tourist destination in Kashmir. Around 37 kilometers of snaky and uphill drive from Daksum, it offers an adventurous journey. The spot is emerging for mountaineering, trekking and skiing. Sinthan Top is easily accessible from Srinagar, almost 4–5 hours drive by car. Attractions like Kokernag, Dacksum and Achabal fall en route that offer tourists varied choice of resting and makes traveling more pleasant and less tiresome. Sinthan Top is a less-known tourist spot in the outskirts of Srinagar that is gradually gaining popularity because of its natural beauty. Another Lesser known place in kashmir is Watlab. For more details on Sinthantop click here.


Watlab In Kashmir Sopore

Another off beat destination in Kashmir is Watlab. If you want to experience the real Kashmir then a  visit to Watlab is a must for you. Watlab is situated on the Sopore-Bandipore road, about 56 km from Srinagar and 8 km from Sopore in Jammu and Kashmir As you move away from the well-traversed areas of the valley, slowly and steadily, you will get to see the Kashmir you have never seen before. There, unfolding before you will be in Watlab in the Kashmir valley of India. Apart from the untamed beauty, Watlab in Kashmir is noted for its hilltop Muslim feretory. The shrine was shape in the memory of Baba Shukurddin, a Muslim emblematical. This place offers you a beautiful sight of the Wular Lake, tensile out as far as the eye can see. The picturesque villages skirt around the lake further intensifies the scenery. Also adding a touch of pigment to the landscape, are the fields of paddy nearby. As far as the accommodation at Watlab is concerned, there is a Forest rest house situated amongst lovesome  orchards. Gradually, the covering of the ‘real Kashmir ‘, miles away from well-traversed areas, will unfold before you, and you will reach Watlab . Here, high on a hilltop is the shrine of a Muslim Gnostic, Baba Shukurddin. From here, the Wular Lake stretches away as far as the eye can see, edged by picturesque villages around terraced breeze-rippled fields of paddy, in a riotous burst of colour You can rest here to enjoy the pure grandeur of the showy countryside at leisure. Another Lesser known place in kashmir is Daksum, For more details on Watlab click here.

Daksum Trackers Paradise in Anantnag Kashmir

Yet anthoer offbeat destination in Kashmir Daksum.Camping Spots The place is known for copiousness of camping spots and from Daksum the trail rises fairly steeply to the Sinthan Pass located at the elevation of 3,748m. Trekker’s Paradise It is a trekker’s paradise hooded with coniferous forests, gurgling streams and hidden Herb meadows with the melodious unharmed of the gushing Bringi River forming the backdrop. Trout Fishing Daksum is also eminent for its trout. Gurgling streams, covert grassy meadows, where your only palace is the sound of the gushing Bringhi river or an occasional shepherd tending his herd. Daksum is also famous for its trout – an angler’s heaven. Another lesser known place in Kashmir is Tosa Maidan Kashmir, for more details on Daksum click here.


Tosa Maidan Kashmir

Another offbeat destination in kashmir is Tosa Maidan “Sky-touching deodars fence this food, presenting a view of a emerald carpet in summer,”    The camps of the Gujjar community, and shepherds with their grazing sheep in the pasturage, present a riveting picture. Also, the smell of wildflowers refreshes the whole environment.” Sounds delightful, right?   3,000-acre meadow, Tosa Maidan, is also known for being littered with liven shells, lurking in the tall grass under all those fragrant wildflowers. Tosa Maidan (or Toshamaidan) is a meadow which lies in Khag tehsil of Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The name marks the historic Tosa Maidan route into the Kashmir Valley from the Poonch Valley. Original Name of Tosa Maidan appears to have been “Tosa Marg”. Mahmud of Ghazni and the Sikh monarch Ranjit Singh tried to invade the Kashmir Valley Via This Route. It is Bounded with dense forest and is situated at a distance of 10 Km from Khag at the foot of the Pir Panjal Range. Another lesser known place in kashmir is Achabal for more details on Tosa Maidan click here.

Achabal Anantnag Sightseeing in Kashmir

Achabal  is another offbeat destination in kashmir. Achabal  Mughal Garden build by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan and a famous ancient spring enclosure the garden, Achabal, a lesser-assumed destiny in Kashmir, is a photographer’s delight. Nestled in the hills in Anantnag district of Valley of Kashmir, it is a short withdraw town where you have the chance to immerse yourself in the abundant history and stunning scenery.   Achabal  is Situated at an elevation of 1677 meters and adorned with one of the prime Mughal gardens in India, the charming town of Achabal in Kashmir Valley is a optic entreat. This historical town with formation framed in the magnificent and beautiful Mughal Architectural course is famous for its ancient spring and beautiful Mughal Garden. One more lesser known place in kashmir is Kokernaag, for more details on Achabal  click here.


Kokernag Sightseeing In Kashmir

Kokernaag is another offbeat destination in kashmir.Kokernaag Botanical Garden, Kashmir Attractions Monuments Religious Parks /Gardens Places to see around Nature Landmarks Lakes and Waterfalls.  Kokernag, located in the Anantnag district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful and alluring destination and a massive hit among tourists seeking clearness and natural looker. The place is blessed with amazing natural beauty and is home to the several varieties of plants and flowers. One another lesser known place in kashmir is Doodpathri, for more details about Kokernaag click here.

Doodpathri The Valley Of Milk

Doodpathri is another offbeat destination in kashmir.The name “doodpathri” means Valley of Milk. It is before-mentioned that the famous saint of Kashmir Sheikh ul Aalam Sheikh Noor din Noorani has prayed here and once when he was in search of water in the meadows,to offer prayers, he pricked the ground with his stick to search for water and milk came out. He asked the milk that you can only be used for drinking and not performing ablution.Hearing this milk at once changed its state to water and the meadow got its name Doodpathri.The water which is at ready flowing through the meadows has a milky appearance from the distance and remains very cold throughout the year. For more details about Doodpathri click here.


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