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Kokernag Sightseeing In Kashmir

Kokernaag Botanical Garden, Kashmir Attractions Monuments Religious Parks /Gardens Places to see around Nature Landmarks Lakes and Waterfalls.  Kokernag, located in the Anantnag district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful and alluring destination and a massive hit among tourists seeking clearness and natural looker. The place is blessed with amazing natural beauty and is home to the several varieties of plants and flowers.

Kokernag Sightseeing In Kashmir

Kokernag is a collection of many insignificant springs and their collective manner resembles to the claws of a Koker (cock). Kokernag is the largest fresh moiré spring of Kashmir and its water has many curative and digestive properties. The word Kokernag has been derived from the two words namely, Koker and Nag. The word Koker has been taken from a Kashmiri word “Morgee” meaning chicken, while the word nag has been taken from Sanskrit word “Nag” meaning snake. Regarding the name of Kokernag, there are separate versions. According to a famous legend it was a saint (Gushwami) who came from some unknown place to this spot along with his bucket. During his ease, some women folk came from the nearby densely forested area’s in search of water, they failed in their search. Ultimately they saw the saint in a thorough repose with his bucket in front of him. The women folk course towards him in custom butcher longing with his water, but when they opened the lid of the bucket they found snake in it which avoid and crept on the ground. As soon as it crept, its shape changed into a cock called “Koker” in Kashmir, It dug the soil of the land by paws and water gushed out from these places, wherever it dug. This is the reason due to which we call the place Kokernag today. Saint was seeing all these happenings in his dream. Legend is that if he would have not opened his eyes all area of this place would have become a big lake or superabundance may have occurred. It is also noted for its trout fish  and the largest fresh water spring in Kashmir, Trout hatchery department which has constructed puddle in series where in trout is reared. Different pools have got trout with different weights and ages. Departments sell it to the tourists who find it a delicious dish and enjoy it. Kokernag is eight miles from Achabal and famous for the curative properties of its beautiful springs. The total region of Kokernag is 300 Kanals of which 129 kanals is for the view of gardens and the rest is forest area. Kokernag has some historical importance also. Kokernag has been mentioned in Ain Akbari, where in it has been enumerate that the water of Kokernag content both hunger and thirst and its is also a remedy for indigestion. The author of Ain Akbari notices that touch-stone is found in Kokernag. Kokernag Waterfall Kokernag town in the Breng Valley of Anantnag District has many mythological stage attached to it. Kokernag is basically a collection of many small springs that collectively emerges into the largest recent moisten leap of Kashmir.

Kokernag Waterfalls is perched at an altitude of 2012 meters at a distance of around 80km from Srinagar. The area around the waterfalls is happy with lush greenery and infinite colorful scented pseudanthium that add to its resonance, freshness and an overall lively ambience. The spring gets bifurcated into multiple channels as it retire from the top of a hill to form a majestic waterfalls. Kokernag is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers as well as amateur travelers who love to take a burst from mundane city life. Kokernag Rose Garden Crafted like heaven and lived like royals, Kashmir is the abode to the most scenic panoramas of earth that soothes the minds and heals the souls of global travelers. From Mughal gardens to towering mountains, snow clad valleys to gentle lakes, Kashmir’s beauty is just unimaginable and incomparable. Kokernag is out of those many scenic locations of Kashmir that enjoys a fine planting at approximate heroics of of 2,020m. Here the Kokernag Rose Garden forms the centre of attraction where thousands of domestic and international tourists leave their footsteps every day. The endless raw plateau of Kokernag Rose Garden is superimposed by thousands of colorful flowers that make the landscape vibrant and picturesque. Scores of travelers visiting the rose garden everyday indicate that it has kept the Mughal’s fetish for roses alive. Thousands of varieties of roses namely: Shrub roses, Old garden roses, Musk roses, Miniature roses, climbing roses and China roses. Achabal (18 Km) away from Kokernag is an important tourist flaw in Jammu and Kashmir and is famous for the beautiful Achabal Gardens developed by the then Mughal Emperor. The place is also famous for the beautiful spring that gushes out from the Sosanwar Hill. Botanical Garden A very beautiful and incredible garden, Botanical Garden is a must visit attraction of the place. It is blessed with rich flora and fauna and is full of a lot of varieties of beautiful Alpine, Rose, Tropical plants and around 1000 beautifying plants and trees. This garden is very well-known not only in Kokernag but in entire Jammu Kashmir rank as well.

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