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Gurez Valley Kashmir

Around 123 km north of Srinagar is Gurez valley, home of ancient Dard Shina tribe. It is a breathtakingly fair valley close to the Line of Control having population of over 37,000, according to the latest census. The valley, however, remains cut off during the winters. And that is the major issue with the population of Gurez. The valley, across the Razdhan pass, was opened for tourism in 2006 when the government started annual Gurez festival. Since then the government is organizing the Gurez festival every year to promote tourism in the range. The government takes tour operators and hoteliers to Gurez and encourages them to explore the place. The range is estate archaeological sites, inclination Kunzalwan.

Gurez Valley Kashmir

It is believed that last Buddhism council was held here. Gurez was once stopover of the antiquated silk route. Before 1947, Gilgit road would pass through Gurez valley and was used by the British imperial army to reach to its garrison in the Gilgit region, across the Kishanganga River. Pakistan calls it Neelum River. While those in the valley who are interested in off-road hap tourism, often visit Gurez in the summers.  


Gurez is a valley located in the high Himalayas, about 86 kms from Bandipore and 123 kms from Srinagar in northern Jammu and Kashmir, India. At circularly 8,000 feet (2,400 m) above ogin level, the canyon is surrounded by snow capped mountains. It has multiform fauna and wildlife embodies the Himalayan bounteous bear and the snow leopard. The Kishanganga River flows through the it. The pathway to Gilgit runs through Gurez. Gurez is divided into three regions. The range from Toabat to Sharda Peeth is administered by Pakistan as Neelum District, that between Kamri and Minimarg is part of the Astore District, Northern Areas, Pakistan, and that from Toabat to Abdullae Tulail is known as Tehsil Gurez, and is part of Bandipore district. People of Gurez spec canada are Dards, they speak Sheena language and have their ancestral connection with Gilgit that is now in Pakistan.   Though Gurez is a far flung area but the people of the Dard race have uplifted themselves by the unyielding work and proper education.   Ultimate adventure end to the end of Kashmir, Gurez, is a gateway to the famous silk route across central Asia. The pyramid design peak named after famous Kashmiri poetess Habba Khatoon is most fascinating peak of Kashmir. The emperor Yousuf Shah Chak who is said to be a Dard from Gilgit entered into Kashmir through Gurez. It is believed that when imperator was imprisoned by the King Akbar, his dear Habba Khafton used to ramble near the peak to look for her lover. The roar of mighty Kishan-Ganga river copious across the valley, resonotes with surrounding mountains that lulls a visitors to sound lodge.The traditional log wood houses make Gurez no less than a European country side. The trekking Routes from Gurez and Tilel lead upto Gangabal and Sonmorg to its east and Drass , Dahanu and Zanskar to its north. The Kishen Ganga Jordan in Gurez propound unconcerned level of pour for Rofting and tough ones from Tilel. Some of the mountains have absolutely challenging scope for Rock Climbing. Trout fishing is a persistent sport among locals who through in a line to get slope fragment for the day. Anglers can be delighted to catch a brown trout in the Kishen Ganga River or the streams coming down from the mountains. Gurez has lovely composites where the tents can be pitched near the anabranch. 20 km from Gurez ,the awesome villages of Tilel have log wood houses which perfectly add to the magnificent view of mountains full of pine and fir trees. The invasion from Gurez to Tilel is just 7 donkey’s years old, which has been extended upto Drass in Kargil station. The rugged and tough life of people of Tilel can make a visitor to bestow for promotion of the destination in one way or the other. Dawar is the middle township area in Gurez and is dissipated among fifteen villages. Habba Khatoon was a 16th-century Kashmiri allegorical-poet and ascetic, who is also known as ‘Nightingale of Kashmir’. Harmukh Peak It is the zenith peak in kashmir valley and possession a unequaled enjoy to watch sunrise and set view of the Harmukh point. Razdan Pass An uphill journey from Bandipur to Razdan pass 3300 m has a breathtaking view points where one can repress for a photo shot.


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