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Doodpathri Sightseen In Kashmir

The name “doodpathri” means Valley of Milk. It is before-mentioned that the famous saint of Kashmir Sheikh ul Aalam Sheikh Noor din Noorani has prayed here and once when he was in search of water in the meadows,to offer prayers, he pricked the ground with his stick to search for water and milk came out. He asked the milk that you can only be used for drinking and not performing ablution.Hearing this milk at once changed its state to water and the meadow got its name Doodpathri.The water which is at ready flowing through the meadows has a milky appearance from the distance and remains very cold throughout the year.


The lush green grasses over the vast meadows and silver shining streams running over the large stones further grow its beauty. Doodhpathri is sloping graminiform landscapes with a diversity of multicolored flowers up to Chang. The famous Tosamaidan  in the west of Doodpathri.The aquatic which is at present flowing through the meadows has a milky figure from the alienation and abide very cold throughout the year. The lush green grasses over the immensity meadows and silver splendid streams running over the huge stones further increase its beauty.Doodpathri is known for camping and trekking.

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