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Bangus Valley Kashmir

  Located in the Kupwara area of Jammu & Kashmir at a variance of around 70 km from Srinagar, Bangus Valley is that part of Kashmir Valley which is flourishing over hundreds of kilometres. It is situated at an elevation of ten millennial feet and is inferior amongst locals as Badi Bangus. Also Read: Top Stunning Offbeat Destinations Of Kashmir Surrounded by mountains and sheltered with grasslands, this graceful valley had never been a tourist spot as it was the centre of conflicts between equipped forces. However, since last few years, it has become an offbeat destination for every traveler. It captured the frame due to its unpolluted aim and pristine environment. Owing its claptrap to offbeat travelers, it has become a infallible-shot weekend destination for everyone who is looking ready to escaping the crowd of tourists in Jammu & Kashmir. Splendor Of Bangus Valley The adult things Bangus Valley is immensely popular for amongst travelerslooking for  green meadows and beautiful hills. The  air of rich herbage in the form of coniferous timber note on to the existing gem of the valley. During the summer season, Bangus Valley looks like a renovated see blossoming into a perfect flower.

Bangus Valley

 Each and every look of the clough seems to erupt out of bliss and rapture. The presence of streams and periodic rivers magnify the looker of the canon. However, during the winters  , the whole Valley of Bangus Valley is crustate with white carpets of snow, therefore, turning the valley into a earth of darling beauties. Ranging from wood to plains and hills to extend, everything is blanketed with sleet. Aren’t you animate now to witness such a beauteous circle? If you are, then plan a stumble to Bangus Valley now. The Astonishing Valleys Of Kashmir  Why Bangus Valley Resembles Heaven For every traveler who has witnessed the splendors of Bangus Valley and fell the person of the quintessential the, this speechless beauty is, unarguably, firmament on earth and a amazement of the world. The natural setting of beautiful hills surrounding the squashy grasslands and rich vegetation is something which is unquestionably exotic and can be decide as celestial beauty. Several streams and seasonal rivers transversing the alight of Bangus Valley make it look more alluring and magnificent.  As the beauty of Bangus Valley doesn’t tasteless away with seasons, it can be affect throughout the year. However, if you are looking forward to savoring the belle of green meadows encircle by hills and bipunctate with beautiful trees, then you must visit Bangus Valley during the months of April to September.


Even though the roads are not in peculiar provision with several risky turns, several tourists and travelers visit Bangus Valley every year due to its heavenly presence.  Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state of India and has everything to offer to a character-lover, from snow-surpass mountains, effusive streams to lakes and lush emerald lyceum. Every seasoning in Kashmir has its own magnificence, but winters are a spectacular experience. The snow-capped mountains of Pir Panjal, Bangus Valley showcase the natural beauty of the state. January to March is the best time to enjoy the winter jewel of Kashmir. This habituate is followed by cause when quality is in her finest moods, with almonds, cherries, apples, peaches, pears, pansies, Narcissus, daises etc. flowering. The Bangus Valley is the most beauteous spot which lies in Himalayan sub-valley of Kashmir. It is situated in Kupwara division, in Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the relatively unexplored grasslands and unknown tourist hotspots.  In the midsummer, one can find cattle and sheep grazing in the valley, which come from adjoining areas. The pascual catch of the area produce some of the finest grass in the State. The valley of Bangus has more than 100 meadows, the spring from which has nutritional and medicinal utility. Moreover, the valley also await a source of various course and springs. The Quaizinag is considered one among them, a source of several streams which stream through the adjoining areas including Qualamabad, Quaziabad and other areas.

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