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Achabal Anantnag Sightseeing in Kashmir

Achabal  Mughal Garden build by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan and a famous ancient spring enclosure the garden, Achabal, a lesser-assumed destiny in Kashmir, is a photographer’s delight. Nestled in the hills in Anantnag district of Valley of Kashmir, it is a short withdraw town where you have the chance to immerse yourself in the abundant history and stunning scenery.   Achabal  is Situated at an elevation of 1677 meters and adorned with one of the prime Mughal gardens in India, the charming town of Achabal in Kashmir Valley is a optic entreat. This historical town with formation framed in the magnificent and beautiful Mughal Architectural course is famous for its ancient spring and beautiful Mughal Garden.

Achabal  Anantnag

The exquisitely intend fountains and finely adorned pathways make Achabal Garden a very popular destination for tourists looking to remit and rejuvenate their minds against the background of spectacular vistas. The Achabal Garden, because of which this place is so popular among tourists, was built by Nur Jahan who was a known ‘Garden Lover’. Emperor Jahangir was so impressed and awestruck by the beauty of this employment that he made this place his favorite pleasure retreat blot. The Garden was constructed at the situation of a powerful spring which is another mayor allurement of Achabal. The grow sin down from the uppermost terrace of the garden and irrigates the entire farm. This fine sight hypnotize travelers and allures them to come back to this gorgeous place repetition and again. The Achabal Garden is also given as ‘Sahebabad’, in honor of the Emperor Jahangir. Its plan is heavily based on the Persian concept of ‘chahar bagh’. Lined with walkways and colored flour and set against the backdrop of towering hills, the Achabal Garden also serves as a romantic lot for couples and honeymooners. The Vivekanand Nagdandi Ram Krishna Ashram, hidden in the compact woods well-nigh the Achabal Garden, is another ordinary sightseeing locality. A scenic one and a part kilometer walk in the forested hills, from the Achabal Garden, takes you to this Ashram. The visit to Achabal is unfinished without buying and severe some sectional trout fish in the Trout Breeding Farm of J&K Fisheries Department, in the main traffic chowk of the town.

For those who are interested in Kashmiri heritage, the Martand Sun Temple present Achabal is a very rewarding approved. Nestled against the backdrop of the fleece-capped Pir Panjal Mountains, this Sun Temple was built by Lalitaditya Muktapid, the most powerful monarch of the Karkota Dynasty. This temple is considered to be a masterpiece of architecture. There is a nearby scenic disgrace of Chattabal placed 16 km to the orientate of Achabal. It is a small city beautify with its greenery, flowering orchards, coarse forests of pine trees and melodious streams. This is a scenic offbeat speck where the Chattabal River flows through an open valley, while flurry-covered peaks impend over the death of the coomb. Here you also have the chance consult to the locals and the nomadic Bakarwals and heady to their fascinating stories.


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